• Antony Ferolie, CEO, ESM

    As CEO, Tony Ferolie brings to ESM® more than three decades’ experience selling to all classes of trade. Each day, he offers insight across all divisions of the company, ensuring effective communication between senior executives of clients and customers. Tony believes professionally trained salespersons should function as advocates who understand the goals and objectives of their clients. Tony holds firm that truthful business dealings with all partners are a hallmark of working with ESM®. His mantra for success is simple: “We do what we say we’re going to do,” he says.

  • Tony Scudieri, President, ESM

    Tony is a senior executive with more than 40 years’ experience at Fortune Top 100 companies including Pet Inc., Pillsbury and James River. As president of ESM®—and a perpetual student of business—Tony represents senior leadership and helps determine strategic direction in addition to managing manufacturers and retailers in multiple channels. Each day, Tony offers clients sound, logical advice on building and maintaining brand equity and helps ensure that each customer relationship is a strong one. Tony’s approach to the industry is proactive: “Our endgame is problem solving—not offering a defense of the status quo.”

  • Frank Tomanelli, Executive Vice President

    Frank has more than 40 years experience serving the retail business in the Perishable/Refrigerated categories in all classes of trade. As Executive Vice President, he oversees the management of client business throughout ESM and executes initiatives that help achieve client goals. Frank believes that professional representation that remains mindful of client and customer objectives is the key to success in the broker industry. “Clients want results,” Frank says, “and a record of accomplishment goes a long way. We look for solutions that work for all parties and build strong relationships built on satisfaction.”

  • Mike Huber, Executive Vice President

    For more than three decades, Mike has contributed his extensive knowledge of the Grocery and HBC/GM departments, managing both headquarter and retail teams at major customers. As Executive Vice President, Mike ensures the business is constantly changing and remains flexible in the face of new challenges across the ESM markets. Mike believes focus, accountability and experience in understanding this changing environment is critical to long-term success. “Keep an open mind to every situation,” Mike says, “and learn from every one of them.”

  • Tony Fischetta, Executive Vice President

    Tony brings to ESM Ferolie more than four decades of targeted expertise in the Grocery, Confectionery, Snack and Specialty categories. As Executive Vice President, he addresses all issues raised by retailers and manufacturers in effort to craft solutions that work for both parties throughout the ESM company in all its markets and customers. Tony believes professional, well-trained personnel who understand the business strategies of both clients and customers are the key to long-term, executable success. “Well-informed partnerships build strong, lasting relationships,“ he says. “And our customers and clients have come to trust ESM Ferolie for its history of truthful and ethical dealings.”

  • Tony Lubrano, Executive Vice President

    Tony has spent over 25 years in the Confectionery, Cookie and Specialty categories and managed all aspects of the business from Distribution and Retail to Customer Headquarter relationships. As Executive Vice President, Tony will be responsible for building and overseeing ESM’s growing Confection/Specialty Division. Tony believes that ESM’s continued success in the Confection category will be based on three main pillars- “1. The years of experience ESM offers. 2. The advanced technology and data that ESM provides to both its principals and its customers. 3. ESM’s commitment to developing younger talent with the cutting edge skills to take the company into the future.”