Retail Services

Effective retail coverage of all classes of trade has always been one of the fundamental strengths of ESM. With 80% of the purchasing decisions being made at the retail store, the fundamentals of retail have been a passionate theme throughout our company. Finding the right balance between effective retail calls and the efficiency to provide the coverage you need is the difference between ESM and other service providers. In-store sales agents are powered by our proprietary technology platform to quickly identify merchandising opportunities and turn them into incremental revenue. Inner city retail teams are structured to capitalize on the selling opportunities abundant in urban areas. Team members work in their own neighborhoods, at home with the culture and language of the store personnel they collaborate with. Combining the sales team with separate merchandising and Plan-o-gram specialists, the result is unparalleled store coverage frequency boasting the consistently fastest speed-to-shelf in the industry. We also provide alternatives to traditional coverage models delivering dedicated, tailored, regional and local retail solutions.

Our Retail Services Include:
- Continuity Coverage
- Special Projects Teams
- Dedicated Retail Teams
- Direct-to-Store Selling
- Dedicated Inner-City Selling Teams
- In House Customer Teams
- ISE Coverage

Success Starts AND Ends at Retail…

Direct to Store Selling Case Study